Economic Headbanded Earmuff EM-5003


Model: EM-5003
Type: Headband Earmuff
Material: ABS Cups + Plastic Head band
SNR:29dB NRR: 23dB
AS/NZS SLC(80)=29.2dB CLASS 5

Headband hearing protection earmuff, features adjustable insulation plastic headband, which is able to achieve multi-position wearing, making it a convenient, comfortable, portable and cost-effective earmuff for you to use.

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Headband hearing protection earmuff can ensure you a quiet environment in sleeping, study, working, travelling, racing and some other noisy environments, provides hearing and health protection to you.

Recommended Industry
Sleeping, Studying, Working, Fireworks, Power tools, Hunting, Racing, Traveling, Festival, Industrial, Construction, Shooting, Lawnmowers, Motersport, Sports


  • Adjustable reinforced headband (with a adjustable strap and two mobile buckles) which gives a more comfortable fit when worn in the over-the-head position. And the strap has many air breathing holes, more comfortable
  • Flexible reinforced plastic headbands with 2-point suspension, suspension system helps distribute cushion pressure evenly. In addition, the ear cups can pivot 2 points make circles
  • Rectangle shaped foam (thickness 15mm): Inside the ABS cups, sound insulation
  • Lightweight, comfortable & effective earmuff range
  • Wide headband with strap for extended wear, wide ear cushions for comfort
  • Fits adults and children. Filters out harsh sounds
  • Meet ANSI & AS/NZS 1270(SLC(80):29 dB Class 5) standards. It is a highly effective and durable earmuff at a tremendous value, hearing protection compliant

1 pc/PE bag, inner box, 20pcs/carton


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